Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, August 19, 2010
Mark, again we're on the same page, I saw in the spirit the other day how people were being released from a bad dark and dangerous prison. They where put in a bus and transported with a letter of release from prison. Then I saw them being taken to another prison with nice carpets, shops and all the nice things they longed to have wile in the other bad prison. They did not even realize that they are still captive and not free at all. They have just been upgraded to a better prison. 
I see that this is exactly what is happening in the church today. People are moved from the prison of sin and destruction into a prison of religion, they do not realize it but they are not free at all as there are so many rules, laws and nonsense that they have become complacent and willing to just stay there. The only thing that has changed is the prison wardens, who now preach out of a bible but they will not allow them to go out and do their own thing. 
I praise God that Jesus said I have come to bring liberty to the captives He said nothing about keeping them locked up in another prison of religion. 
I am shouting it with you " LET MY PEOPLE GO" Hennie Cronje


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