Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Friday, September 24, 2010
The Lord gave me a vision of His sheep fold (the church) over 25 years ago. Jesus and I were standing on a hill looking out over a multitude of sheep, as far my eyes could see were sheep. The sheep at first looked so white and sparkling clean and strong and healthy.
I looked back at Jesus and He was bidding me to look again on the sheep. This time the sheep were dirty, skinny, weak with insects in their eyes, ears, and nose. The Lord said, “the first is how many of my ministers see My sheep, the second is how I see My sheep”.
In 1993 once again the Lord showed me the sheep fold (the church); this time they were even worse and some were lying on their side and I was bent over one that was down. (a sheep will die once they go down like that unless someone comes along and helps them get back up) I was overwhelmed with the great need within the church and the Lord said to me that I was not responsible to help all the sheep just the ones He would bring close enough for me to touch.
Since the Lord called me over 50 years ago, the burden and cry of the Holy Spirit in intercession has been for a consuming passion for Jesus and His Righteousness to return to the Lords’ church. So many are just playing games and they don’t realize how much danger they are in.
I should have finished what the Lord said after the last vision of the sheep bleeding, so wounded, some in process of dying…… Jesus said, ”Many of the shepherds had used the rod and staff given to guide and help the sheep... to beat and wound the sheep." I believe the Bride is being healed and strengthened by the Truth that the Lord has sent through the true prophetic voice among His people.There are so many in these religions that are being wounded and abused. The Lord is sending in warriors both physically and by intercession to rescue and bring healing. He hears the cry of his
precious sheep, which have been victimized by religion and their hirelings... not all are hirelings, some really do want to serve Jesus but they have been so indoctrinated by man made religion - that is all they know.

By 'Doorkeeper'


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