What a year 2013 has been...

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, July 30, 2013
This year (2013) we at Mark Labuschagne Ministries have seen well over 200 people recommit and or give their lives to Jesus Christ. 

We have seen many miracles, signs and wonders taking place wherever we traveled and got to experienced God's healing power over and over again. We personally witnessed hearts being restored, marriages healed and families brought back together. We have seen children turn to Christ, the course of countless lives changed, including that of businessmen and women as they received direction through the inspired word of God. 

The amount of testimonies received regarding prophecies that have come to pass in this year has astounded us and the results of these words have brought in millions of Rands into the lives of many we ministered to. Churches have received funds from those who were faithful and many minister's continue to report how their ministry and or congregation has changed since the Lord ministered to their hearts.

During this time, Pastors were motivated and their people encouraged to press in beyond the natural boundaries set by man and shown how to minister to (worship) the Living God. Finally, we saw people delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit as we had the privilege of sharing the love of Jesus with thousands of people across two continents. 

All this done and accomplished on a guaranteed income of R3000 ($300) per month. No requests to support our ministry financially, no advertising or self-promotion outside of our FB and website pages. We have no home of our own, no equipment or money, we have seen both good and hard times, spent countless hours praying, trusting and waiting on the Lord. 

We have traveled over 40 000 kms to places with no money for the trip and or accommodation and have seen God supply every need in such an awesome way.

In the end, we can confidently declare, what an incredible God we serve! What an honor to be able to serve in this way and we look forward to press on until Jesus tells us otherwise.


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