When Jesus is your focus

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, November 30, 2010
When Jesus is our focus, then everything we do will line up with who He is. This is an incredible statement and one I have found works for me. When we are conscious about pleasing Christ, then it becomes so much easier to live our lives as true worshipers. Mankind has become to busy with pleasing self that we have become a very self-centered, and selfish people. However, when worship is our primary objective, then, everything that Jesus is manifests through us and all this because we have made Him our focus. When we find ourselves in this place, we soon learn that we do not have to perform, or come up with a seven point plan to see ourselves as Christ sees us. In fact, when we worship the way I have described, we will understand the finished and completed work of the cross simply become it will become so much clearer. The more we make His the center of our existence, the more Christlike we become. It is for this reason that the just live and walk by faith. The more we worship the King, the more we begin to understand what Jesus has accomplished for and on our behalf. We therefore do not have to try to conform to His word, we just have to make our Savior the very person we remain focused on and our lives will fall in line with His will and purpose.



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