Which side of the river bank are you standing?

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, June 15, 2020
Our heavenly Father said in this time, "He is changing the landscape of the 'church' as we know it. It's no longer "business as usual".

In the spirit I saw and heard the following: As we move into the promise of God, we will find, many of the things that we were accustomed to in the desert, are no longer applicable in the promised land.

2020 was and continues to be the cross over year, the year, the revolution (cycle) of the Kingdom of God has been completed.

Now, the righteous sons of God, the royal priesthood, the ones who have prepared themselves, are being sent out in the mighty name of the Lord to take possession of the promise. 

Mighty warriors, prepared for victory through their faithful commitment to the call of God, their obedience to His word, strengthened in prayer, advancing the government of God in this this time.

The teachings and doctrines of man have left the Body of Christ bewildered and their leaders are scrambling for solutions. The camps have been confused by the Warrior Armies (Angels) of the Lord and have left, even their leaders stranded on the wrong side of the river of God.

While they (their leaders) were preaching peace and prosperity, knowledge and the wisdom of man, God has been building into a remnant the capacity to hear and do the will of the Father.

Now those who have been positioned by the mighty arm of God,  are stepping across into the (unknown), the never seen before, the place less travelled, all the while advancing the Kingdom of God without fear.

With shouts of joy, they are the trail blazers, the prepared ones (The No Names) that will take the kingdom by force.

Revolutionaries at heart, nothing will stop them from opening up the new frontier, a land where the name of the Lord is exalted and their worship of Him who sits on the throne,  demonstrates the glory of our God.

Those who have found themselves entrenched in "knowledge of God", yet have denied the truth shall remain scattered and disillusioned, but those whose trust is in the Lord, out of their true relationship with the Father, will rise up and advance and will do so as part of their sacrifice of praise. Their thanksgiving evident in their willingness to serve the One, True, Living God!

I hear the Lord saying, "Bow and surrender your hearts before the Lord. Seek Me while I still may be found. Open up your hearts, lift up your heads and the King of glory shall enter in. Open the gates, prepare the *way of the Lord, for the hour of visitation is at hand. I (Jesus) shall lead My armies into My glorious victory!"

Friend, fellow believers, the time has come for the sons for God to arise and to possess the promise of God.

* The way of the Lord is found in the heart of those who believe. Prepare your hearts...


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