Who is he who guides you

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, November 18, 2010
Who is he who guides you? Is it the Holy Spirit or man? I have found so many people come up to me and tell me this person gave them a word from the Lord saying one thing and another person would come and say another and so they live their lives. First off, let me make the following statement. If you have a relationship with our heavenly Father, then it is important to know that when you take the time to ask Him for guidance, then He will be kind enough to answer you directly. I have found the Lord always speaks directly to me and confirms His word in different ways if necessary. 

I have made it a rule to never share anything indiscriminately with anyone else other than my wife and together, we would take it to the Lord and wait for Him to speak to us and give us the direction He wishes to guide us to. Of course, we cannot limit God in any way and understand that He can use people to speak to us, but I have found 99.9% of the time, He would speak to me first. This way, there would be no need to be confused, and all this because you will know when the Lord has spoken.

In the past I made the mistake by asking everyone else what they thought about a particular move or idea and all it did was lead to confusion, because everyone I asked felt the need to add their piece into the equation. God never spoke to them and most responded in the natural and never had God's interest concerning our future. And so it was with this in mind that Andi and I decided, we would seek the Fathers council before that of man and would wait on Him until we had received the answer we were looking for.    

I have also learnt that if I am going to seek the council of man, then it would be someone that I can trust, someone who I know has my interest at heart. It would also be someone who has a true relationship with our Father and be willing to spend some quality time working through this issue until the Lord sends an answer, this would be a person I have learnt to trust and know that their council will be in line with God's word. 

Run to Jesus my friend, for His plan for your life will bring you in line with His perfect will, and to be honest, this is where I would rather be. If I had to listen to people around me, I would not be walking in His perfect will today. This is a fact. Most Christians also ask parents what they think about a specific thing and again, if you are married, you are no longer under their protection and although we value their input, parents tend to be biased and their maternal instinct might not necessarily produce a result that will line up with the Fathers will.  

So, you do not have to run to anyone, continue to build a relationship with Jesus and we do this through our worship of the One True Living God and I am confident when you know Him, you will understand His perfect plan for your life. If you feel you would like the Lord to confirm His word, then allow Him to send people to you to do so,  it is always a good thing not to make a decision if you are still not quiet sure that you heard correctly, but the key is, let the Holy Spirit send the people or bring the confirmation to you rather than go out there looking for it.

May I also add, the Lord can and will use many different means to get His word to us and confirmation of the word can also come in various ways. However, those who faithfully worship the Lord, will know when the Father is speaking.   


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