Why is the arm of flesh so prevalent in the Church today.

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am intrigued by the way in which the church continues to allow the flesh of man, which is of no value to and in the Kingdom of our God, to reign and rule over the Bride of Christ as if it was ordained to do so. I mean, I would love to know who authorized its agenda as I do not see it given authority to control and manipulate the church in the Word of God in the way that it does in the times we live in.


It was flesh that killed Abel, it was flesh that rejected Noah's call, it was flesh that tempted Joseph in Potiphar's household and it was flesh that stood up against the armies of Israel and scoffed at her God. It was flesh that rejected the law of Moses and it was flesh that abused the prophets, threw Daniel into the lions den and in the end, Crucified our Savior.


Today, although we have a new covenant, nothing seemed to have changed in this area as we continue to see flesh control the church. We see how seasoned Christians judge and condemn those who do not conform to their interpretation of the "Christ-life" they now live and how they would discard these as if they were of no value to the kingdom of God. And interestingly enough, I have noticed using this medium (Facebook), the ease in which people who do not agree with their "friends" would delete them and have nothing to do with them for whatever reason they could come up with. 


It amazes me to see how men in ministry would have nothing to do with anyone who does not fit into their framework, or conforms to the standards and goals they (Flesh) have set for themselves. The discord within the Body of Christ, in my opinion, continues to be a real cause for concern, but we seem either unwilling or powerless to address and deal with the issue either. I have come to realize these are age old practices, which we find to be totally contrary to the word of God.  


I am saddened when I see the way in which leadership continues to abuse its position and to see how in most instances they allow flesh to be their motivator. It saddens me to see how so many have embraced the grace that our heavenly Father gave through His Son, Jesus Christ, but refuse or seem unwilling to allow it to flow through their lives. The seemingly unwillingness of Christians to afford  space for their friends, family and neighbors spiritual growth is a manifestation of the evil, sinful nature a warped characteristic of the flesh. The way in which the Body of Christ deals with the wounded and how she rejects those who do not fit into the perceived religious mold, truly astounds me.  


I have seen man (flesh) reject the things of the spirit and have seen how people have had to deal with this issue time and time again. The hurt and the pain that this has caused so many, in my opinion, must grieve the heart of God. When will we realize that we have died to self, that the flesh has been crucified with Christ, that we (flesh) no longer live. When will we realize that we have been raised with Christ and that we ought to be a reflection of the very God we now serve?


When will true worshipers rise up and worship the Father in spirit and in truth and allow that which has been completed through the Cross to manifest itself through us. When will the light of God shine so brightly through the sons of God that the worlds perspective of the church would be radically modified, altered and changed because of the glory that manifests itself through the Bride. I cannot understand why we continue to allow our flesh to control us if we are no longer living. Why are we seemingly unable to breakthrough this barrier and walk and live in the spirit as we are supposed to be doing, when will the Truth be revealed through us?


Maybe I live in a pipe dream where my imagination has run away with me. Maybe the way things are, is the way it is supposed to be? However, I somehow cannot accept this to be the Truth! 


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