Will you wait for Me?

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Will you not wait for Me, even for a little while? Will you not tarry in My presence and allow the sweet embrace of my heart to comfort you? Will you not wait for Me?

You are scrambling to find solutions, solutions to fit your circumstances, but I say, none shall be found by you. Only those who wait for Me shall taste and see that the Lord is good!

You are so eager to run back to what you had, but this was not My plan for you. Even though you have been scattered, I have kept you together. I have not deserted you, but remained steadfast.

Now the time has come, a time for change, for I have changed the landscape and have brought confusion upon the land. Those who wait upon the Lord, they shall be strengthened and they shall rise up from the dry and barren places and My word shall be demonstrated in them. You seek your own way out, but none shall be found. Your leaders continue to try make things better for you, but this is not the time to seek comfort, but to pursue My heart in the midst of tribulation.

Set your eyes on Me and wait in My presence. Seek the Lord your God while I may be found, for a time shall come that the Spirit of the Lord will be silent and many will seek, but shall hear. An hour of deception has come, like a blanket cloud upon the land and only those who wait in My presence shall discern My will.

Some will say, "we must go there" and others will say, "we must do this", but I, the Lord your God would say, wait upon Me!


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