Worship in His presence

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Friday, June 8, 2012
The only thing you have to do is turn your heart over to Jesus and He will take care of the rest... Friend, when you and I understand what it means to worship Him, we will find ourselves so immersed in the Truth that nothing else will matter. The indescribable, intimate relationship we have with our Master and Savior will be a direct result of our worship and in this process we will see our hearts are healed, delivered and set free from every burden we have ever carried, and all this because of the love Jesus Christ has for us. History has shown the standards and teachings (Opinions and Interpretations) of man causes bondage and the Church finds herself straining under a religious yoke, one that has become so cumbersome and unbearable, that many have turned away because of it. But I have found, when we spend time in His presence, we soon learn from experience and find His grace is all we ever needed... So, we are encouraged this day to set aside (and throw out) every teaching that would otherwise hinder us from walking in the freedom of the Cross and to live our lives in honor of Him who sits on the Throne...



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