You are what you say you are

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, October 9, 2010
My faith compels me to believe that Christ lives His life through me. There is no other option and because this fact is Truth, I continue to confess it because I believe it. I have always said, "The very thing you focus on, you will become". When you focus on what Jesus has done and accomplished for and on your behalf, you cannot help but live your life in such an unselfish way, that everything you do, brings glory to the One True Living God!

And because my focus is Christ, even in the midst of a battle, I raise the victory banner, declaring He is my strength and my fortress. My high tower, and my deliverer. Nothing changes my perception of Christ, because I know that He has made it possible for me to weather the storm.

Friend, raise the Kings standard because the King is in residence. He reigns on the inside of every believer and all we have to do is see ourselves as our heavenly Father sees us. When He looks down at us, He sees the finished and completed work of the Cross. Because Jesus paid for our redemption with His blood, we are now protected by His grace and no waepon formed against us can and will ever prosper. 

If you can see this, mix it with a little faith and then begin to declare it as truth...  

Every time the Queen is in residence, the royal standard is raised. We need to remember that Jesus reigns within us and as He has taken residence on the inside of every believer, we need to raise the KINGS standard, and His standard is represented through our faith. Our faith is a representation of the Kings standard!


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