You have become a needy people

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, July 17, 2013
By the amount of encouragement meted out on a daily basis to the  so-called believers, is in my opinion, perplexing to say the least. It seems like the church has become so focused on "Self" that we entirely misrepresent the Truth. 

Of course, by now, we should all know that God wants His people to be blessed on this earth and desires that we walk in the wealth of His promises, but MORE than this, He is looking for a courageous people, a people who unconditionally BELIEVE in His word and earnestly live their lives in preparation for age that is to come (This is worship in action). 

The Church seems to be so needy, so self-centered and we are never short of those (Positive Guru's) who are willing to tell us, "We can do it, we can make it" and they craftily add the word of God to their human intellect, all the while, dishing out a cheap, watered down gospel which only serves to promote their positive message to help prop up what now seems to be a desperately wanting church. These do so because they have found a niche as it were to promote their beliefs and give the people what they want to hear.  By listening to their rantings, we now seek preachers out and run after their message, but I tell you, you have already being rewarded, for the very thing you seek, you have already found.

I believe that God wants me to encourage you to prepare your heart for eternity and not to be so consumed by your day that you cannot see the Truth, His Word, manifesting in you. God is far more interested in the sound of His heart beating in you than He is about all the things, we the Church have pedestalled (Matt 6:33).

The questions, I would like answered is:

1). Where are those who are preparing their hearts for the glory that is to come? 

2). Where are those who live their lives in honor of Him only?

3). Where are those who are more concerned about the Jesus they say they serve than their circumstances (their wants and needs)?  

If our encouragement is not to prepare the heart of the believer for eternity, then what are we encouraging them for. Surely, we ought to be pointing people to Jesus, rather than telling them they can make it through another day. Why not show them they have already overcome because of Jesus death and resurrection on the Cross of Calvary. Teach them to live as Jesus did and encourage them to become the vessels of honor they were created to be, men and women who live by example.

The time has come for the Church to look deep within herself and to be honest for once. To turn from the futile ambitions we pursue and get back to a heart of pure, unadulterated worship, a lifestyle of honor in the presence of Jesus. For the truth be told, we talk a lot, but our actions speak for themselves.
I know that this will offend people, but there is nothing written here that is not TRUTH. If it offends you, you are not of the Truth. 


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