Your opposition has been dealt a blow

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, September 16, 2014
My people have been facing opposition for a lengthy period of time, and have sort all sorts of solutions to rid themselves of the greatest onslaught many of them have experience over a period of five years. Over the last few weeks, the Lord has being speaking to me about His church and His people and I believe the release of this now word, to be exactly that...

"The onslaught and plan of the enemy to attempt to derail the purpose of God in the church, was deemed failed from the outset as there was never ever a question that he would succeed. Nevertheless, many fell during this time because they were not prepared, they took much for granted and when I spoke and warned My people of the impending times, many chose not to heed the call of the prophets. Many chose not to prepare their hearts and when darkness came upon them, they were found weak and wanting. 

I declare the onslaught has failed and the righteous rise in victory and give praise to the Lord, for the bounty of heaven nourished and sustained them, even during these times. Now, there is a new season upon the church, a season that will draw My peoples hearts closer to Me and they shall unite by My Spirit, and as one people, I shall gather them from the four corners of the earth and shall demonstrate My word through them.

This is a season of abundance, of more than enough, for they shall acknowledge that I am their Abundance and their More-Than-Enough and the world shall see and know that even when hardship comes the righteous grow strong in Me. 

Do however be warned, for there are many who declare they come in the name of the Lord, but I do NOT know them. Their motives are rooted in deception, so much so that they do not even know that they have been deceived. They have enriched and clothed themselves with jewels that have bewitched even the elect into thinking their provision is from your God. They have come with all sorts of promises and fancy words, even doing signs that have impressed the weak, all these have entrapped many of My people.  Nevertheless, I say to you this day, I shall expose them and soon, you shall be astonished when you see their steeples come tumbling down. I will no longer tolerate their false hearts and I will remove them, even from behind the pulpit and those who repent shall be healed, delivered and restore, but woe to those who will not heed the voice of My servants, the prophets, who I have raised up for such an hour as this. Their scoffing, shall become their torment, for I shall turn their  words against them and I shall show My people who they really are.

The spirit of discernment shall cause those who seek Me, to know My voice, to know My purpose and they shall do all that pleases Me. They are the ones that shall prosper, for their hearts are set on Me. There is no selfish desire in them, these are the remnant of the Lord, the righteousness of God. 

Come now, let us reason together, those who I have called, they are mine indeed and they shall see the goodness of God demonstrated in  them, and this because of My love for them. Nothing they have done would make Me change My heart towards them, for everything was done and completely by My Son, when He declared on the Cross of Calvary, 'It, is finished' and My people live today because of the faithfulness of My Son, the risen Christ" ... declares the Lord


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