A global awakening of heavenly proportions

Posted by Mark a Prophet of God on Friday, September 16, 2016
As I continue to experience an almost inexpressible excitement in my spirit about the revelation I continue to receive from Holy Spirit about the "New Day" we, the Body of Christ, are moving into, I feel blessed to be able to share this with you reading this today.

I have been speaking about the "Awakening" coming to the USA for the past number of months and during this time, felt Holy Spirit speaking to me about an imminent move of God that is going to manifest on a global scale, the likes of which we have never seen or heard before. The Lord continued to show me how He has been working almost behind the scenes, as if hidden from man's sight, causing all things to line up with heavens purpose on this earth.

The Church has been praying for many years, asking the Lord for "Revival" and including myself, along with many have prophesied to this extent, prophesying "the hand of the Lord will move across the face of the earth". In fact, as many of you might know, in 2000, I prophesied and declared, the "Revolution of the Kingdom of God has begun" (Revolution meaning in this context: To bring all things back to its intended purpose), and after having done so, we have seen the revolution take on global proportions.

Now, the Lord has declared, I have already ordained a "Global Awakening", one that will manifest simultaneously across the globe and in such a radical way that countless lives will be saved, touched, healed and delivered by the power of Holy Spirit and the Blood of the Lamb, making it almost too easy for the church to be effective in its outreach to the lost. In fact the Lord showed me that as it has seemingly being a struggle to reach the lost in the past, now, it is going to be the most easiest thing, because hearts are being opened to the Gospel in a way never seen on such a global scale before. 

Newspapers will be full of stories written about this awakening and TV broadcasts will be dedicated to the witnessed events from around the world. News hours will speak about what God is doing in their respective nations and it will be so in every nation on this earth. Not one will be overlooked...

The Lord showed me how He has being preparing His servants, who He will send into the nations as anchors to speak, declare and prophecy the "New day" and harvesters, will be released across the fields, bringing in the greatest harvest known to man.

This global awakening will be the last move of God across the earth and we shall be caught up in His glory as our worship resounds around the world. New places of worship will be found on every street and will overflow onto the highways and the byways Glorious encounters will be the order of the day, yet and even in these times, hardships will increase as wars will become the evidence of the enemies opposition and many will be persecuted in this time. Nevertheless, the Lord who is triumphant, will show His glory and deliver the heart of those who seek Him.

We will also see a fake move of flesh as the enemy will try to infiltrate the Body on a massive scale. He will come as an angel of light, and will attempt to deceive, even the elect as taught by Jesus (Matt 24:24) and instructed by Peter, who warns the Church not to be deceived (2 Pet 3:17), but to be on our guard so that we do not fall from our secure standing...

With every move of God, we will always see the flesh and the enemy in opposition and therefore, it is imperative that we, the Church bind ourselves in prayer, the we pray in the spirit in all and every occasion and not neglect the gathering of the Body of Christ.

Our final instruction is this; prepare yourselves for the manifestation of heaven on earth, for my friends, this GLOBAL AWAKENING is like something we have never seen before and the Lord is calling every believer to prepare the way of the Lord found in every heart of each and every believer. This is a time for the manifestation of unity as the Holy Spirit binds hearts together in line with heavens purpose on earth and with one common purpose, we shall glorify our Savior, Jesus Christ, the eternal King of glory.


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