A new day, a new beginning

Posted by Hennie Cronje on Sunday, April 21, 2013
” Take this word to the church, tell them that I am about to release a move of My Spirit that has never ever been seen. I am about to raise up a new generation of anointed people to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. I am about to place my mantel and my anointing on a new generation young and old, that has been overlooked by the church for generations. These people will come from nowhere and will run with great speed and efficiency to spread the gospel. The church as it is today is not what I intended. I never planned to have my church locked up behind doors not accessible to the world. I will do a new thing and will remove all walls of separation between the church and the world. Those churches that appose this move will surely be removed however I have my hand on the people sitting inside these churches. I will re-ignite them with a passion for my work and they will come out and realize that this is the day of the saints to take up the responsibilities of spreading the gospel. I will raise up among them leaders that will equip them in the gifting of my Spirit and teachings of my Word. There will be places of equipping where these saints will come to be equipped but as the norm is to keep them in bible school for up to three years I will supernaturally equip them by my Spirit and they will be ready to move out within 3 months. They will go out in teams of young ones and older ones under the guidance of spiritual fathers and will ignite fires as they go. These fires will spread and my glory and presence will be felt all over the earth. This is my final move of preparation. This is the final hour and I call upon my church, my beloved to come and join in this move of glory invading the earth. It will be like a wave that will not be stopped those trying to oppose it will drown in it but those who will give in to its power will enjoy the full benefit of its refreshing power. Apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelist and pastors will all work together and will realize that they need each other.

New songs I will pour out into the spirits of my worshipers. Music like this has not yet been written. This music will draw unsaved crowds and as they listen to it my Spirit will convict of sin and will draw them to me. This will all happen by my Spirit and not by knowledge of man. Carnal thoughts will not comprehend this for this is a move of my Spirit above the natural, it will not make sense to the natural intellect.

So come to me I call you out today to rise up and start riding on this wave of my glory.”


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