A word for Zimbabwe

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, September 15, 2015
A new day for Zimbabwe

I am causing a ripple across the nation of Zimbabwe, I have sent my ministering Angels to her people, I have heard the cry of their hearts and have never abandoned My royal priesthood. Now I will send My mouthpiece, My watchmen, My prophets and they shall speak as I give them utterance and they shall declare My word over this great nation and her people. Then I will send in the labourers, the sheperds and they shall tend and pastor the sheep. I am sending the teachers who shall gently guide by the word I have placed in their hearts and then I will send the evangelists who will be responsible for the next great and mighty harvest. A harvet so big, nations will talk about what I have done in this place. Oh the power of My Spirit shall be demonstrated and signs and wonders will cause people to be amazed at what I have done. 

The leadership change is imminent and I will raze up a leader from amongst her people.. Great times of spiritual warfare have continued to riegn over her, but now, I will cause this nation to see My glory and I will restore her. 

I will gather her people from the north and the south and from the east and the west and cause them to know that I am God. Therefore, as you entered the land, My glorious presence goes before you and you will see My goodness, you will see My glory, you will be rewared for your faithfulness

Speak, declare and prophecy over this nation, strecth out your hands and declare, 'This is the day that the Lord has made, you will rejoice oh Zimbabwe and be glad in Him'...


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