Consider everything meaningless

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, December 23, 2010
Spending some time in the Word of God is something that I enjoy and the other day I read the book of Ecclesiastes. The writer expresses himself in a unique way and definitely makes one sit up and take in the words penned in this book. The suggestion that we place too much effort into creating wealth and running after and or chasing something and then turning around and saying it is all meaningless, makes one sit up and think. The life we live today, is one fast pace and we are taught from an early age that we must be ambitious, and set ourselves up for our old age and so the planning begins. Yet, we forget the most basic of all things, we cannot take any of these things we set for ourselves with us the day we die.

I suppose, there is nothing wrong with planning for our future, but we need to keep in mind that if we are not able to enjoy the fruit of what we have now, then everything we chase after becomes meaningless. 

Some might say this is a little gloomy, but the reality is, we need to enjoying our lives in Christ's goodness rather than chasing after things that in the end, are just meaningless. We must live our lives in such a way that everything we do in the time we have brings glory and honor to the God we serve. Nevertheless, having said this, we also need to take this into account, "Everything we do do, we must do well". This might sound like a contradiction in terms, but the reality is, chasing after dreams is meaningless, for it would be better to enjoy what you have than to desire something you don't. 

In the end, the writer is saying live you life to the fullest today and continue to worship the Father in spirit and in truth and except the way God does things, for it is only He who can straighten what is crooked. To enjoy prosperity while we can and to be strong when hard times come, for the word of God tells us they both come from God, and we remember that nothing in this life is certain.

It would be far wiser to chase after Him, for His Word is eternal and everlasting, than to chase after anything else, for the fact is, in the end this life is meaningless and the best thing we can do id to live our lives to please Him in all things, for this produces fruit, which are eternal. I am not saying we must not be ambitious or that we should take care of those things that are temporal, rather, I am saying these things should not be our absolute priority and that our worship (lifestyles) should rather honor and please the One true living God, for this is the only reason we can declare everything in this life to be "Meaningful".

Read Esslesiates and allow the letter of the word to speak to your heart...


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