Great challenges, many victories

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, December 24, 2020
Many will prophesy and speak of coming events, but I desire more than this, that you would keep your eyes set on Me. You have been so caught up in your surroundings that in many and most instances, have missed My purpose. You lack discernment and your relationship with Me is found wanting. Rise up My people, rise up in the mighty name of the Lord God Almighty, come and bow yourselves in humble adoration and open your hearts and listen to all that I have purposed in this time.

As you choose to keep your eyes on the events surrounding you, you have missed My word, and this because you have allowed foreign voices to influence your hearts.  I tell you, not everything that you hear at this time is true and therefore, it is imperative that you, My people remain tuned in to My word, for in doing so, you will know My heart.

Stop listening to the voice that only serve as a distraction, but rather be led by the Spirit of Truth, for in so doing, you will see, discern and understand the times and know what it is that I am doing. 

As nations move into a new season, many things will take place that have never been seen before. Time as you know it, is coming to a speedy conclusion and My instruction remain, 'prepare your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.' Stop trying to decipher the times, but rather seek the heart of the Lord your God with everything that is within you. Do not allow yourselves to be distracted, but keep your eyes fixed on Me.

I will disrupt the agenda of your leaders and cause confusion to reign within their midst and their man-made plans shall come to nothing. Governments shall crumble and fall, nations will rise up against one another and some will not be able to recover from the many dilemmas they shall face. There is a huge financial crunch coming and you are warned not to put your trust in the arm of flesh, but to trust in My leading, for I am your way of escape!. Sickness and pestilence (disease) shall become commonplace, nevertheless, My hand rests upon and remains with the righteous. Guard your hearts, remain in Me as I remain in you.

The time of persecution is at hand, for the enemy conspires against My Church, but he shall not prevail, however, there will be a lot of opposition and many will blame you for the hardships they endure and it is their plan to remove your freedom, and many of you will be taken by surprise during this time. But, I have opened a door that no man will ever be able to shut, remain in Me.

Some will compromise and turn their backs on Me, and many more will adjust to the requests being imposed on them, but I have a people, a remnant, the righteous of the Lord, who will rise up in My mighty name and take the kingdom of their God by force. Advance, advance are the words that will ring out amongst them and nothing will stop My Kingdom from moving forward, even in this time.

Many in the church will fall away, but those who stand, they shall see the glory of God cover the earth and the waters cover the seas. Therefore, My encouragement to you My children is to stand, to remain in My word and to do all that I have called you to do. Carry out the commandments of the Lord and listen to the leading of My Spirit.

This is encounter season, heaven touching earth, hearts turning to God. So arise, occupy and possess the promise of My word.


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