I hear the sound...

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, August 22, 2012
 I hear the sound of restless horses, a sound of riders preparing to mount. The sounds of swords sliding into their sheaths. I see the foot soldiers, shinning in the radiance of His glory. I see the trumpeters at the ready and great excitement building in the electric atmosphere as they await the command, the sound that will come from the very throne of God. I see the Rider in crimson walking towards a white horse, radiant in His splendor, clothed in His righteousness. The saints cry out, "Come Lord Jesus come, come in all Your glory, as we wait on You"... I hear the sound of heaven in preparation for the great and eternal day of the King... The prophets and the watchmen standing on the mountain top and with one voice declare "Prepare the way of the Lord, prepare your hearts for the glory of the Lord is at hand"... Aug 12' 2012


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