In My presence

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, May 3, 2018
There is a shaking on the horison, everything will be shaken, and a great fear will come upon the people. Many shall not know which way to turn or where to run to. Fear and panic will rise amongst the people of this land, but I AM God and I shall show Myself, even in this time to be a just and merciful God. The earth shall shake (A cold chill ran up my spine when I heard this), and its inhabitants shall be afraid, but I AM God.

There is an unprecendented (ground breaking, unknown, revolutionary) and epoch-making (of major importance that will have a significant effect on a period of time) move of My Spirit that shall cause the hearts of mankind to rise up in fear and at this time, My glory shall be revealed (displayed) across the nations and all mankind shall know and hear the voice of the Lord. Yet, even in these times, many shal not believe and shall turn away from the sound of heaven, even in their midst, many shall turn away. 

But I have a people unto Myself, a people who know and recognise My voice and they shall run towards Me. Their reward is already in Me...In this time great signs and wonders shall be displayed across the skies and upon the land. There will be many who will try to explain it away, but I SHALL make an example of these, even those who will try to deceive, even the elect...

Tell My people to prepare themselves, to prepare their hearts for a glorious and fearful demonstration of My glory...


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