In the midst of a battle

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Funny how we all, who know God, still quiver when we face trails and tribulations. I speak for myself, I do not enjoy going through hard times, there is no fun in it at all. Besides all the things that life throws at us, we tend to get caught up in the emotion of the moment and try to resolve or solve the problems on our own and sometime turning to the Lord at the last minute asking Him to help us.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking the Lord for help, in fact, we are encouraged to approach the throne room in our time of need (Heb 13:6) and I think the reason for this is simply so that our faith can be strengthened in the process. God is more than willing and able to rescue His children and wants us to know that He is God.

I have learnt that when I am faced with difficulties, all I have to do is look to Jesus. Prayer reduces the need to try to solve my own problems and gives me the strength to stand on His word and carry on trusting in His divine ability regardless of my situation and or circumstances. 

Once I have prayed, I prophecy over my situation and declare the truth over my circumstances in so doing, I cement the word in my heart and believing the my God is able to delivered me from the situation I currently find myself in and my friend, there is nothing more liberating than knowing that God is in control and the peace that comes with knowing that He is able, stirs my faith enabling me to be still in His presence.

So, when we face battles, all we have to do is run to Jesus, the Capitan of our hearts and as we call on His name, we raise the Standard of the Anointed One and declare our victory! The outcome of our battle has already been determined from the beginning of time and so we come from a position of winning, of overcoming, as victorious and in our hearts this settles the matter. How God deals with the problem is no longer our focus, but He is and we find joy in this fact.

Our God reigns!


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