Into the new day of the Lord

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, December 27, 2017
As you wait in My presence, you will soon find that I desire one thing and one thing only, that you my people will worship me is spirit and in truth. As I have redeemed you and declared you innocent, you are now privileged to come directly into my presence, the place of honor. You will find that it is in my presence that you belong and therefore I call you again, come closer, come sit at the table I have prepared, come into my inner chamber, the place of safety.

Many of you continue to follow the leading of man, but I am calling you to follow the leading of My Spirit, for in doing so, you will know My plan for your lives and shall walk in the purpose that I have set out before you. I do not desire that you would run after man, for flesh only produces of its own kind, but I desire that you would listen to the sound of My voice, for My sheep know who I am and follow Me only.

Even now I am raising up a people whose voice resembles the sound of My own. Together they shall run towards the heavenly sound and gather up those whom I have called, they too will follow the sound of heaven and walk in the freedom and liberty of the Cross. I am raising up a new generation, a people that are passionate about me, a people who are in love with Me only. These are those who find themselves pursuing My heart in all things and it is their love that drives them to accomplish the tasks set out before them.

If you follow these whom I have chosen, you too will walk in the knowledge of who I AM.

Now follow My instruction...  

* Meditate on Me     (Ps 19:14  Phil 4:8  Ps 16:8)

As you meditate in My presence, you will find likeness in Me. You will find there is no sense of blame, suspicion, regret of pressure, but you will find how much I love you. You will know that you are innocent and free to worship Me. No matter what comes your way, I remain for you and therefore with this promise, you can confidently declare, I shall not be shaken, for the Lord My God is for me.

* Pray in the spirit  (Jude 1:20-21  1 Thes 5:17)

Pray in the spirit according to My word and according to My prompting. Prayer is the tool that I have given you to enable to you walk in all that I have set out before you. It enables you to live in continual God consciousness. When you pray in the spirit, your life becomes the continual ascending prayer, a perpetual uninterrupted communion with your heavenly Father and by doing so, you are able to train yourselves to live in My presence.

* Abide in Me  (John 15:4-10  John 8:31  Col 2:6-7)

To act in accordance with My leadership, My decisions, to follow close after me and to obey (Observe, uphold, heed and accept My word and declare it) all that I have set out before you..

This is a new day, a new beginning and all you have to do is live these things that I have spoken and you will see the goodness of your heavenly Father manifest in your life in ways that you never anticipated. Your life belongs to Me. I paid an eternal price and bought you with My blood, all that you have to do is come and sit in My presence, for it is here that you will find peace....


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