Make Jesus your focus

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, July 30, 2011
As a people we have the tendency to focus on the corruptible and live in the "now" instead of focusing on that which is incorruptible and eternal. True worship helps realign our focus, making Jesus the center of our very existence, which in turn enables us to walk by faith as we receive His grace, peace and love in our lives.
Friend, our true success is found in Jesus Christ and Him only, anything else is temporal and produces a corruptible seed. When we worship Jesus (Serve, honor, obey, with holy fear "reverence") and we place ourselves in His hands (Faith), then the only thing that will matter is Jesus the Anointed One and our lives will begin to revolve around Him and not ourselves. When we get to this point, the things around us grow strangely dim in the site of His glory and His grace this my friend is where we want to be. We all face challenges every day of our lives and it is so easy to allow these things to get priority, but this is where we have to learn to discipline ourselves and do so until the very thing we are talking about here, captivates our hearts and becomes the central point of our focus, making us true worshipers at heart. I pray that God will not remove your present circumstances, but that your faith in Him would increase. I prophecy His promises over you and call you to account for your actions, for it is not about You, but about the One True Living God that we worship! Bless you this day... 



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