My peace I will give to you

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, May 5, 2015
"My child, all men desire peace but all do not care about what goes into walking and living in the peace they speak about. My peace is with the humble and the meek of heart: your peace will be found through you learning to wait patiently on Me. If you hear Me and follow My voice, you will be able to enjoy the peace I give.

Watch yourself in all things, in what you do and what you say. Direct your every intention towards pleasing Me alone, and desire nothing outside of Me.

To think you will never experience any sort of disturbance or to suffer any hurt or endure any tribulation in this present life is foolishness, and do not think that you have found true peace if you are not feeling depressed, or that all is well because you are not experiencing any opposition. Do not think that all is perfect if everything happens just as you wished. And do not imagine yourself great or consider yourself any more special than your neighbor if you are filled with great devotion and sweetness of heart. For the true lover of virtue is not known by these things, neither do the progress and perfection of a man consist of them.

They consist in offering yourself with all your heart to My will, not seeking what is yours either in small matters or great ones, either in temporary things or eternal things, so that you will preserve equanimity (Emotional Stability) and give thanks in both prosperity and adversity, seeing all things in the way they present themselves.

If you become so brave and long-suffering in hope that you can prepare your heart to endure all sorts of tribulation, when all inward comfort has been withdrawn, and if you do not justify yourself as to think you should not be made to suffer such great things, but acknowledge Me to be just in all My works and praise My holy name - then you will walk in the true and right path of peace, then you may have sure hope of seeing My face again in joy. If you succeed in achieving complete disregard for yourself, then you can know and enjoy an abundance of peace, as much as is possible in this earthly life". Declares the Lord


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