Oh great land, I have raised you up

Posted by Mark a Prophet of God on Thursday, January 26, 2017
I am restoring the foundation of My church across the nation, the land of your forefathers, the land which I have given to you as an inheritance, and at this time I am bringing healing and deliverance to all those who are broken-hearted and hurting. I have raised My standard across the land for  the world to see that I remain on the throne and reside as ruler in the hearts of those  who are called by My name, My Church, the Body of Christ.

I am doing a new work in and across the nations and the restoration of the heart of my people, for this is a new season and in this season, the wind of My Spirit has begun to blow, bringing and ushering in a dispensation of renewed hope and faith.

This is a time of bringing back the broken, the hurting and the hearts of those who have turned their backs on Me. Those who have being disappointment and disillusioned, I shall gather from the four corners of the land and they shall be restored to Me.

This is a time of restoring the foundation of your hearts and I shall deal with and remove the religious ideologies and traditions of man. I will remove ideas born out of flesh and the interpretations and opinions you have formed in your hearts that have become a distraction from the Truth I believe about you.

This is the time for the Truth to be revealed in the heart of My people, those who are called by My name, a time for demonstration of the Word of Truth, a revelation of who I AM, the God of infinite mercy.

This is the time of raising up the sons of God, a demonstration of righteousness and power. Signs and wonders manifesting across the face of the earth, an undeniable revelation of My grace. 

This is the time for restoring the authentic you, My original opinion of who you are, the righteousness of God in the redeemed life.

I am restoring My church in and across this great land and I will send men to you, restorers of the foundation, speaking Christ life into you. They will rebuild the ancient walls and place watchmen and shepherds on the wall, speaking life wherever I send them.

All this is done so that the calling I placed upon you to take the Good News to the nations will be carried out as I purposed in you. Not your own message, but the commandment to go and preach the Good News so that the nations may hear the Truth and be set free.

A simultaneous restoration of the foundation of My church. A bringing together, a gathering of brick layers (Apostles and Prophets) to rebuild the foundational walls of My church causing the kingdom of God to come and manifest on the earth as it is in the heavens. 

Prepare your hearts in prayer, wait on Me, for a time is coming and now is the glory of God shall manifest on the inside of My people and My glorious light shall cause change in the land. The ridicule of My appointed leaders shall stop as opposition will be exposed. Do not be deceived, the enemy seeks to destroy My purpose in you, but I have not permitted your destruction, so rise up Church in My mighty name and reclaim the land that I have giving to you, reclaim, make it yours. The opposition you experience will last but for a short time, for I will show Myself and rescue the heart of My people and the world will see and know that the Lord, your God is good...

Hab 3:2 Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy. 


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