Politicians exposed

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, June 23, 2018
This morning I sensed in my heart the Lord has been speaking to political leaders in our country, but they are not listening... As we pray for our nation's leaders we ask the Lord that humility would rise up and cause them to turn their hearts back to Him...

Shortly thereafter, the Lord gave me the following word.

You have sort your own agenda and thought it pleasing to do as you pleased. You have not consulted with me and you have yet to consider My word. You run with pride in your heart and think that you are untouchable, but you are foolish. Your pride has blinded you and you have been led by those who cannot see. You have sort to win favor with man and have amassed a group, a hedge around you that you thought was your doing, but that hedge has only bolstered your pride and given you a false sense of security, however, I say this to you, I do not approve!

When you were young, I was the One who spoke to you on many different occasions, yet you did not recognize My voice. Now you speak the words you think are pleasing, but I say to you, it is folly. The sounds you make are foolishness and full of pride and although I have allowed you to continue, soon, I will uncover your skirt over your face that your shame may appear. You will say in your heart, "why have these things come over me?" For the greatness of your iniquity Your skirts have been uncovered, Your heels made bare.

I will scatter you and you will be devoured by the very ones who you thought upheld you. I will cause your people to turn against you and you shall wither away like the dust of the evening sun. You have heard it said, 'Pride comes before the fall", but I say to you, I resist and oppose the proud, yet show favor to the humble. 

Therefore, to those who would humble themselves in My presence, they shall see the grace of God revealed. To the leader that would turn from his wickedness, I will show My grace, but to those who refuse to return to Me, to him, I will make an example of my reproach and demonstrate My disapproval of his actions. I will embarrass him and expose his shame.

South Africa will be healed and restored. For My purpose for this great land is far greater than what you have seen. My plan for this people is more valuable than what you ever could have imagined, so turn your face towards heaven, seek the Lord your God with all your heart and I will cause My purpose to manifest in and through you and the nations will see the goodness of God revealed in you...    


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