Radical results

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, October 13, 2010
The more I look to Jesus the more I see and understand the effect the completed work of the cross has in my life. My friend, as you read this note, I want you to ask yourself whether you truly understand what God has done for you? If we could, just for a moment, allow the mustard seed of faith to be our guide, we will grasp the vastness of God's love in a way we never thought would be possible.

The challenge today is not to understand how God is going to do something that we are expecting, but to see it as already done and completed. When our eyes are fixed by faith on the King, nothing will be able to blur our vision and or distract us from our goal, which is to see ourselves as Jesus sees us.

Rise up today and allow your faith to bring you to the place of rest. I prophecy His grace, mercy and peace over you today in Jesus name and declare your success is found in Him.


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