Restoration is here.

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, August 6, 2015
I believe this is the time of restoration of the church, and that our Lord Himself, our great Savior and Omnipotent King,  Jesus Christ is calling the hearts of His people to return unashamedly back to His... As the Spirit of God continues to inspire change in us, we are encouraged to press in like never before, that we listen to His leading, that we would search our own hearts and surrender and yield to His...

You might say and ask, why should we return, are we not children of the King? Indeed we are, yet the Church over the years has forged a path and walked along a road that God never designed, a path of self-righteousness rooted in deception and therefore, He is calling His people, as part of heavens "realignment", gently bringing the Body in line with His divine purpose in preparation for heavens eternal reception, the return of Jesus Christ and the receiving of the righteous into His eternal glory. This will be a time of unity,  a time of joining together, not forced by man, rather we will be led by the illuminating power of the blessed Holy Spirit where groups and denomination will be drawn together by the Spirit of unity, a time of great victory and healing. Openly reaching out to one another,  no longer speaking against each other, the Body of Christ will be united like the days of old and together, we shall see Jesus, high and lifted up. 

Even those who will resist, will come and bow down in His glorious presence, therefore, we are encouraged to seek the leading of the Spirit of Holiness, the indwelling power of God  and to listen to the sound of His voice.  To respond to His calling and to do all that He commands. This is a great and glorious day, we shall rejoice and ge glad in it...


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