Revelation of God

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Friday, November 15, 2019
I will show Myself, the true, incomparable and matchless God to the nations. I will cause My mighty right hand to demonstrate My word to all of creation. To those, the remnant, the beloved, they who know My voice, shall I gather unto Myself and cause the nations to see. 

As I stood by Jacob, so shall I stand by you. I have gathered the Gentiles to Myself and declared to My chosen ones, My love and as a hen gathers her chicks, so in these days will I gather those whom I have called.

I will shake the nations and reveal the folly of their leaders. Those who rise up in their own power shall be laughed at and mocked by the very ones they ruled over. I will expose them for who they are and strip them of their positions and pull their skirts over their heads to their own shame.

To the Ekklesia, I will also expose the shame of your leaders, those who continue in their own way, thinking that it pleases Me, they too shall be shamed, for your diversity has left you stranded. But now, as I gather you, I shall cause you to be one. One voice, speaking from the same heart. You shall no longer be a divided people.

Your diverse ideas have only divided you, yet now, even now, I will bring you to the place of understanding, the place of meeting and I will reveal Myself to you and at and in this time, you shall know the truth and the freedom of My word will rest on your hearts and the nations will bow down and surrender to the purpose on God on this earth. 


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