Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, July 18, 2016
I AM shifting, stirring and causing change even in the atmosphere and like a cloud, it shall encompass you and so as you continue to prepare your hearts, you will be re-positioned. Each one will have a new position. I am sending out the Centurion (The Angel of the Lord) and he will position you in this time.

Groups, congregations, ministries and individuals are been re-positioned. And so even in this city, re-positioning for realignment, causing your surrendered hearts to be finely tuned in to the WORD of God in you.

This is the hour of "Simultaneous and glorious encounters". The sound of heaven reverberating throughout the earth. Its NOT a new sound, but it is and will be known as the "Unheard" sound of the Kingdom of God.


07 Dwelling Places.mp3

10 The Mercy Seat.mp3

01 Track 1.mp3