Should we tithe?

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Sunday, December 18, 2011
I personally believe that we as the Church of Jesus Christ are no longer under any obligation to tithe a specific amount of money, but most definitely believe that we should give out of the abundance of our love for Christ and His Church. The amount we give is not as important as the way we now give for the emphasis is no longer bound by a specific law, but rather by the liberty we find in the Christ we serve. 

Giving remains an important and integral part of any spirit-filled believers walk and nothing can change this, but the law used within the church, compels people to give and there is absolutely no freedom in this.

I have posted a link here that you might want to check out ( Of-course, if you feel that tithing is something you have to do, then I respect that, but I have always said, teach people to worship Jesus and money will never be an issue, and this simply because of the true love they have for the King they now serve, their giving is no longer an obligation but out of the abundance of their hearts. Many minsters will not agree with me when it comes to this subject, for their argument is based on their desire to protect their vision, however, I say to these precious people, go and check the motive of your heart before you attempt to enter into an argument about this matter and for the purpose of this exercise, I choose to leave it there. 

Jesus never came to do away with the law, but to fulfill it and you my friend, are no longer bound by the law for Jesus declared, "It is finished". So be a cheerful giver. Sow your finances, your time and anything else the Holy Spirit lays on your heart and do so out of out of your love for Him, give to the local congregation and give liberally to the widow and the poor and above all, make sure your giving remains a vital part of your worship of the Most High God .

Let your giving therefore be out of love for Jesus rather than in response to an obsolete law! 


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