Surrender your heart

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, May 2, 2015
My child, I came down from heaven for your salvation and took upon Myself your miseries, not out of necessity but out of love, that you might learn to be patient and bear the sufferings of this life without repining.

From the moment of My birth to My death on the cross, suffering did not leave Me, it waited around every corner, like a hunter waiting to capture its prey.

I suffered great want and sacrificed all earthly goods. Often I heard many complaints against Me. I was criticize and disgraced in an abusive, angrily and insulting manner, yet I carried it patiently.

From those who I blessed I received ingratitude, for My miracles blasphemies, and for My teaching scorn, nevertheless, I carried these things for your sake. It is for this reason I desire that you understand, My heart was set on pleasing Him who sent Me and I desired to do His will only so that you would be reconciled through Me with My Father.

Come now, bow your heart, surrender in My presence, wait patiently in life for the glory that is to come


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