The Lord shall not be mocked

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, January 18, 2021
When men believe they can do as they please and think that God simply looks on, that will be the day, they would be sadly mistaken.

I felt Holy Spirit drop this word into my spirit and in particular reference to the Democratic party (USA), its leaders and all that it represents and stands for...

I the Lord God declares, "All of your plans will come to nothing, they will fail and fall and you shall become the laughing stock of the nations. Even your own families will mock you and your neighbors will draw their curtains and lock their doors, for your name shall be a symbol of your nakedness to your disgrace, for I will expose your deception and reveal your foolishness. 

You think your decision please Me and will be to your advantage, but I say to you this day, your plans shall come to nothing and your failure shall be to your shame. Your leaders shall be removed and their honor shall be buried with them.

My Children, do not be afraid because of the things you hear and see before you, for these things which My enemy brags about, shall be like the sand dunes in the desert, grains of sand carried away by the wind as it changes the landscape. I will cause their structures to tumble, their high towers will come to nothing and their words will drift away.

But as for you, My royal priesthood, stand surrendered in My presence and see the favor of your God raise a standard deep within you.

Worship in My presence, for the great and mighty day of the Lord is at hand. Up up, rejoice in the Lord, the sun may have set, but a new day is dawning.

Wait on the Lord, worship Him only, and you shall see My goodness go before you and My hand direct you into all that I AM"... 


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