The realm of My Kingdom

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, January 9, 2021
“In the midst of turmoil, uncertainty and calamity, I Am God! It is important that you continue to remind yourselves that no matter what you are faced with I Am the Lord your God and My word remains the same.

Steadfast in their resolve to carry out the commands of the Lord, My warrior armies descend to the earth and ascend into My presence as they carry out all that I have ordained. With power in their wings, they travel to and fro doing the will of Him who sits on the throne. Therefore, I have surrounded you with My servant angels, My mighty warriors who are encamped around you, protecting you as a hedge, shielding those who they have been sent to.

Do not worry about the things you see taking place around you. The enemy roars, like a toothless lion, like one who has been cast out of the pride. His attempts to gain acceptance is only granted to him by the blind, those who cannot see the Kingdom of God and the righteousness of the Anointed One, but your eyes have been opened to My reign and My Kingdom now rules deep from within the heart of those who believe.

Do not fret, you have been separated, called aside and set apart for the glory of God and all you have to do is embrace My righteousness and walk upright before the Lord your God and you shall see the might of My Kingdom demonstrated on this earth as it is in heaven.

This is the time of alignment, a time of coming and gathering all things together. The Kingdom of God will be made known in you and even though many shall come against you, My warrior angels are your defenders. 

I shall protect you and call you to guard your hearts, for I shall be your yardstick, your measuring line, the starting and ending point in you. Do not be afraid of what the enemy might do, for even in these times, you shall see the kingdom of God destroy every plan that would attempt to separate you from My love. Therefore I reiterate, no weapon formed against you, My people, will ever prosper and nothing will ever separate you from My love.

Even when the kingdom of this dark age comes against you like a flood, I Am with you, even to the very end. So, with this in mind, rise up in the name of the Lord your God, take up your positions in Me and hold on to the word of God and enter into and remain in the realm of My Kingdom because that is the only way you will endure your many trials and persecutions,” declares the Lord.


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