The voice of the Lord

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, October 4, 2014
"You have no shortage of great speakers, but the power of God is no where to be found... 

Their wise words are impressive to the passive ear and many follow the sounds they have created. Attention is drawn to them as a bee to pollen, however the sound they make is dull and misleading and draws men into the traps the enemy has set up for many to fall into... their words, sound correct to the untrained and undiscerning ear, and because my people lack knowledge and follow the sounds of the voices of men, no longer do they discern the sound of My voice.

(1 Cor 2:4 My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power).

But, a time has come, where once more I will shake the earth and will cause the facades to fall, leaving those you consider great, naked and exposed, and you will stand amazed as you see them for who they truly are. Like Babylon, I will destroy and expose their masked faces and leave them barren, their names will be a distant memory.

You speak against those whom I have sent to you, those who carry My word on their lips. You judge and condemn those who I have prepared and sent to you, but a time is coming and now is when you will recognise the truth, for the words they speak will confound the wisdom of men and will shame those who laughed and spoke against them. 

Yet, even now, I will demonstrate My power through those you laughed at and will cause My power to manifest through them. These are the sons of God, the ones I have laid My hands on, the very ones who I have sheltered in the palm of My hand for a time such as this and I will release My word through them and with great power, they as the prophets of old, shall display the authority of their God, wherever they are sent to...

You do well to turn your ears away from the sounds you have become accustomed to and have chosen to follow, for soon, I will demonstrate and unleash My power in an unprecedented way and man shall be astounded at the true power of the Living God.

There are dark days ahead, people will leave their own lands and run across borders to hide from the coming tide of destruction. Many a leader will speak about peace, but they know that it is not possible. Man continues to try to resolve issues, but, they cannot prevent the destruction that lies ahead for it is not in their power to do so...

My people,.you do well to heed My voice this day and are encouraged to listen to My true prophets and the words they speak, for these words will be the sound you must follow, the sound of heaven manifesting on this earth. Even in the days that are to come, those who listen to My voice, shall know the truth, for it is the truth that will set them free. Stop running after things that can do nothing for you, earthly pleasures that only bring comfort for a moment, pursue My heart, pursue My voice and all that I have promised shall be done for you.

I will soon expose the false, even those who say they come in the name of the Lord, I shall soon expose them, the charlatans that they are and reveal the secrets of My heart to those I call My own"... Declares the Lord


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