Victory in the land of the South

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, March 13, 2018
To the Church of Jesus Christ in South Africa...

I am the Commander of the great armies and the hosts of heaven and it is I who has called you My chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, My own special people to proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. You who were once not a people but are now the people of God, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy. Beloved I plead with you as sojourners and pilgrims to abstain from all kinds of malice towards one another. Instead, I desire that you will allow the goodness of your God, the freedom and liberty of My grace, which abounds towards you to be the yardstick with which you measure.

For time gone by, you have persisted in resisting the good work that I have begun in you. I brought you to the Land of the South, I lead you here for My purpose and it is I who planted you in the land and it is I who have led you all along the path that I had set out before you. It is I who enabled you to sow the seeds of grace and mercy wherever you have been planted.

Yet, I have this against you, you have stood by and watched the atrocities committed even in My name and you have watched and in many instances played a role in sowing much dissension amongst the peoples of this great land. I have seen the wickedness of days gone by and have seen many seek to destroy the land and do so by any means possible and in many instances it was greed that got the upper hand. I have seen the destruction and the hatred that has been stirred up in the hearts of the peoples. Many have turned with anger against Me as if it was My will that many should become dissatisfied and disgruntled.

Yet, I say this to you, it has never been My heart to see you turn against one another. It was always and remains the intention of My heart that you would allow the love of your God to cover and change the hearts of these I have sent you to.

Now the nation rises up against one another. The rhetoric and the voices of this dark age have given credence to the lie. The will of the people is now being subjected to the voices of hatred and division which continue unabated to separate the citizens, creating a palpable division amongst the inhabitants.

The voices you hear are not mine, they have no right in the land, but that which has been granted to them. In many instances, you have allowed the worship of false gods to take precedence in the midst of you. You have allowed worship of foreign gods in the name of unity, but you do not realize, outside of Me there is no unity. Only I can bring My people together.

Therefore, I am causing My righteous people, the remnant, My church to gather together, to seek My heart and to worship Me. I am calling you to come out from behind your teachings and from behind your ideologies and all that has sort to bring division amongst you. I am calling you to set aside your agendas and your plans, inviting you to come into My presence and position yourselves for glory. Out of this people and from a place of humility, I will cause the sound of heaven to manifest in your midst in such a way that you will be overwhelmed by My glory

I am sending My righteous fire from heaven above, Holy Spirit fire and will cause My glory to fill your hearts. The hour of visitation is at hand and the King of glory shall cause My love to flow and to cover you. I have heard the cries of your hearts and I have seen the willingness of many to turn back to Me, nevertheless, in this hour, I shall come in all My glory and demonstrate My power in this nation for all to see. 

Every prophetic word spoken over this nation and the continent and the nations has pointed to this time and as you prepare your hearts, as you position yourselves for glory you shall become the voice of this nation. My church shall lead the way, My word shall fill your hearts and your praise will fill the temple with the resounding promises of your God. I shall be glorified in this nation and My people shall speak with authority and signs and wonders shall follow the words you shall speak.

Your homes shall become the residence of glory. Your servants shall see My goodness. Your workers, those who labor in the fields, they shall see My glory. Those who travel across the nation shall see My righteousness revealed. Your business people shall declare the goodness of God and this nation shall prosper.

Now the time has come that you surrender your hearts without condition and seek My face. For the glory of God shall be revealed and made known to the ends of the earth.  

Speak, declare and prophesy victory over this nation and you, My people shall be healed and walk in the victory that only I can give.


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