Voices of disillusion and truth

Posted by Mark a Prophet of God on Sunday, November 20, 2016
Church, you have become so used to the voices that you have gathered around you, that you are no longer able to discern what it true and what is false. You have gathered for yourselves, false prophets, men and women who speak the language of man, but do not speak the language of heaven.

You say, "Who are these that we have gathered? See how these prophesy and how we listen to the things they say, surely they are of God", but I say to you, this is where you err. You have taken the popular route and have discarded or have decided to have nothing to do with My servants, the sent ones, but I say to you, soon the truth will set the captive free, for I will show you those I have sent and expose the counterfeit you have embraced and placed around you. 

Their words have seduced you and you believe these smooth talkers who speak from their own vain imaginations and not from your Fathers heart. I have stood by long enough and watched as they spoke and I have listened to the things they say and have seen how you have reacted  to those whom you have appointed and how you have received their words without discernment. Therefore, My anger will burn against these, your prophets, and I will expose them one by one and demonstrate My power by sending the vast army of Prophets that I have shielded and kept aside and not only shall they speak and declare the words that I have instructed them to speak, but the sound you will hear, will be like no other you have ever heard, for this is the sound of heaven, the New Sound, the Unheard Sound of Heaven manifesting on this earth as it is in heaven.

Their words shall carry authority and power and there shall be great signs and great wonders that I will cause to happen across the face of the earth, a simultaneous sound that will shake the very foundations that you have built upon. This is the Revolutionary Sound of heaven that will cause established Truth to manifest in your midst and you will bow your hearts and repent for the things that you have done, but not before I demonstrate My displeasure.

You have taken My word and have shaped it to sound as those who you speak to want to hear, and have molded it with the shape of your mouth and your vain interpretation of the Truth. You have distorted My word and have ignorantly thought the things you say, are exactly what I meant and have boldly said, these are the teachings of the Lord.

You have lied to My people and have stood behind the pulpit and have felt shielded and have found comfort there, but I now say, out, out from behind your place of comfort, the throne you have created to give credence to the words you speak, for these are filthy and contaminated, and the undiscerning majority have no clue that your heart is not right before Me and this because they too have become accustomed to a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof. 

Now, a great shaking will take place in preparation for the great awakening that I have said shall sweep across the nations and even in these times, My power will be demonstrated in ways you have not even thought was possible. Great signs and wonders shall follow the prophesied word. Signs and wonders shall be revealed and many that I am sending shall speak and instantaneously, their words shall come to pass and the fear of the Lord shall return to My house.

So, you are encouraged to stop doing what you are currently busy with, fall to your knees and seek the Lord, for I shall spare the humble and contrite, but I shall deal with those who arrogantly resist Me. I am indeed a merciful God and I am full of compassion and will reveal My mercy and compassion to the humble, but those who are unwilling to bow their hearts in surrender to this truth, they shall see my hand move against them.

So, to My army prophets of God, I say, prepare your hearts for soon I shall send you out and with great authority, you shall unselfishly deliver the word I have placed in your heart. Speak as you have been instructed, for this is the great and mighty day of the Lord...  


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