You seek the prosperity of the flesh

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Friday, December 18, 2015
“Some of your prophets prophecy lies to you in My name and deceive you into believing what they say is from Me, that I have spoken these things, yet I declare, I have not spoken neither have I instructed them to say the things they collude amongst themselves.

You ask what things do they say? They prophesy falsely and promise financial prosperity, riches and wealth and you chase after their vain imaginations and you do not see the things they speak of happen, yet you believe their lies. You give men titles and elevate them in your minds because you think and consider them to be the sent ones, however, I tell you, I have hidden the truth from you because you desire to only listen to what you want to hear and now I have handed you over to your deception.

Did I not say to the rich young man, “You lack one thing: go, sell all that you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” Yet, disheartened, he left My presence knowing that what I asked was too much for him to bear.

Have I not instructed you to set your mind on things that are above and not concern yourselves with those things that are of this earth? I encouraged you to put away all evil desires, for you have died and no longer live to self, your life is now hidden in Me. it is for this reason the prosperity that I desire you should seek is not to fulfil the lusts of your flesh but to resolve to set aside all things of this earth and to focus your attention on the age that is to come.

These things these false prophets proclaim only serve to take your attention away from the Truth and will keep you in bondage to the evil desires of the flesh. It is My desire to bless you with all spiritual blessings, that you would know the Father and that the Son of Man would be glorified in the Sons of God. I will cause those who surrender their hearts unreservedly to Me to taste and see the goodness of God, for My word will be made known to those who acknowledge My word in them.

The pursuit of happiness, riches, fortune and fame in this age is a complete and utter waste of time for nothing lasting will come of it, but to those who worship Me in spirit and in truth they shall see the glory of the kingdom of God manifest in their day in ways they never anticipated. The prosperity of heaven far outweighs the prosperity these soothsayers speak of.
The prosperity that I bring is peace to the hungry soul; it causes wholeness of spirit and oneness with My Father, it demonstrates and causes the unmerited favour of heaven to manifest in the hearts of those who wait on Me. It is peace and freedom, freely given to everyone who calls on My name. The prosperity these men speak of is idolatry and only serves to draw attention to the flesh.

My blessings are not the blessings these speak of, but they make the unconditionally surrendered heart rich. Pursue My heart and the riches of heaven will cause you to know that I am indeed a faithful God, one who will supply all the needs of those whose trust is in Me.” Declares the Lord

Jer 23:1-40
Deut 18:14-22
Luke 10:17-31
Col 3:1-4


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