You shall have no other before Me!

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, November 9, 2020
You have become a people who have allowed foreign gods (politics, sports etc) to take precedence over Me. Have I not told you not to have any other before Me, yet you bow and worship and use every type of reasoning to justify your actions.
Am I your God?
You religiously say, you are doing everything in My name, yet it is not I who have instructed you in the ways you choose to follow. Do you think I need your intervention or that I cannot execute My plan? I have told you to worship Me only, for in doing so, you shall find rest for your soul.
Have I not warned you that in the last days things would grow darker. Have I not told you of the destruction that is to come, and have I not told you to set your minds on the things of My Kingdom, yet you choose to focus on that which is taking place around you and have placed your well-being and false security which man offers you.
You have allowed yourselves to be caught up in a sensual emotional state of mind one that is not pleasing to Me, but rather gratifies your flesh.
Your moral compass is no longer pointing towards the Truth, but rather to a direction you have set out and plotted for yourselves, a direction that is both not pleasing to Me and one that will keep you off the goal.
Now the time has come that you would gather together and seek My heart and turn from your religious agenda back towards My heart.
I am ready to rescue and to restore your heart, even as a people, I am willing to do this for you, but you must turn back to Me.
Come before the Lord your God, seek My pleasure only, worship in My presence and as you wait on Me, you will find, I am the Way, the Truth and your Life.


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