Phil 4:13

In every situation I am strong in the one who empowers me from within to be who I am 

Our declaration

We are appointed as His mouthpiece, set apart to preach the Good News to those we are sent to. Through the Spirit of holiness, we have been called to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Worshipers, deeply in love with our Savior, for He is the One who forgave, healed and delivered us, set our feet on the Rock. He is all we talk about, for

He is ALL WE know

As true believers, we pursue and engage our life activity in everything that celebrates our redeemed oneness. Instead of a sin-consciousness, we have cultivated a righteousness-consciousness. we have become addicted to the adventures of faith; where agape-love of God has romanced us into his rest where we have ceased from striving and bask in completeness. Our passion is the reality of the intense and compelling nature of a Saviors love who freely laid down His life so that all who would believe can be saved. His redeeming love, the grace of an unmatched God is demonstrated to all who would surrender their hearts to His. The passion we are talking about is not a "once off" deal or a "in the heat of the moment" kind of thing. It is not goose bumps here and a feeling there, but rather, it is an emotion that comes directly from the heart of a loving God. And my friend, God is just as passionate about you.You are the interest of His heart, the very essence of this fact is proved through the unmerited favor, the grace of God that we receive into our hearts through our faith in Him. We who believe, receive through faith the affection of His heart and the excitement, enthusiasm, positive affinity and love directed towards man-kind, is realized in us. God's passion for His creation is a deeper, more encompassing part of His character and it is freely felt by all who would embrace Him. If you desire to know the unconditional love, the passion of the Christ, then you are encouraged to come to Him today, to open your heart and to allow His sweet embrace to heal, restore and deliver you from the oppression of the enemy of your soul.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life