Mark Labuschagne Ministries 

If you feel Holy Spirit prompt you to support our ministry 

Kindly make use of our banking options listed at the bottom of this page

Alternatively, if you wish to send a financial seed to us from within the USA by post, 

you are welcome to use the following postal address when doing so

Mark Labuschagne Ministries

294 Sweet Tea Lane, Freeport, FL 32439

Please make your check payable to 

Mark Labuschagne

You can also make use of our secure PayPal account  


Account Name: Mark Labuschagne

Account Number: 62347905385

Branch Code: 258055


Currency - ZAR/Rand

Bank of America - USA 

Account Number: 898050089911 

Check Acc Name: Mark Labuschagne 

Account Number 898050089911 

Deposit (Auto Payment) 063100277

Florida East / Currency - US Dollar